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Luigi Ciciriello presentsAziz Bhatti & Erik Lindelauf, the Master Chefs.

The menu,  the heart of this site!

Discover our Diamant and Privilège menus where truffles presented in a multitude of different ways are the stars of the show. Every Monday, we invite you to discover our €50 and €85 weekly menus, including a glass of Prosecco and two glasses of grand cru. Available at lunchtime and evening, from monday to friday.

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Privilege Menu
Menu for Devotees to celebrate our 30th anniversary

'A la carte' MenuFall-Winter

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Cold Appetizers

Red tuna tartar with grilled almonds
and fresh basil olive oil emulsion
Toasted rye bread and home made Provence quince marmalade perfumed with lime
Nugget of duck foie gras enrobed with crushed
dried fruits caramel and spéculoos
Served with toasted brioche bread and mango chutney with chopped red paprika
Lukewarm lobster salad on a carpaccio of
roasted egg-plant
On a bed of sliced fresh avocados with a sorbet of fresh tomatoes and red pepper
“Checkerboard” of Brittany scallops and fresh black truffles €49
Drizzled on a celery mousse with olive oil truffle juice and basil
Butterfly shaped marinated salmon
and “manchots” of lobster
With a cream sauce of flying fish caviar and Japanese wasabi

Warm Appetizers

Slightly warmed Zélande oysters “Florentine”
with a shallot champagne butter sauce
With sliced black truffles + €10
Sautéed fresh foie gras, on a bed of spinach shoot €40
Strings of carrots cooked with acacia honey and aged Xeres vinegar sauce
Gamberoni from Genova Bay
sealed in steaming olive oil
€33 - 43
Fettuccine of fresh vegetables with tomato sauce perfumed with cardamom
Braised filet of red mullet
wrapped with potatoes and black winter truffles
€39 - 49
Salad of greens, fresh herbs and “jus de truffe” vinaigrette

Fresh pasta, Risotti & Christopher® Eggs

Tagliolini made of hard wheat flour and
Christopher® eggs, seasoned with farm butter
With sliced black truffles + €10
Piedmont style risotto
“Mantecato with Fontina from the Vale d’Aosta”
With sliced black truffles + €10
King Crab risotto with Thai green asparagus €38
With sliced black truffles + €10
Freshly made prawn ravioli
Roseval potato cream sauce with olive oil and basil
With sliced black truffles + €10
Fresh tagliatelle with lobster,
chanterelle mushrooms, “jus de truffe” and parmigiano
With sliced black truffles + €10
Scrambled Christopher® eggs with truffles €59
Served with bruschette sprinkled with a pinch of garlic and a small truffle in its juice

From the Sea

Steamed filet of cod served in a large ginger and coconut cappuccino €39
String bean and sliced half moon of granny-smith
Medallions of monk fish roasted with poppy seeds,
dried candied tomato with oregano
Fresh vegetables julienne with salted parmigiano biscuit and sweet paprika sauce
Roasted lobster, quintessence of crustaceans
enriched of dark chocolate with “fleur de sel”
Foamed zucchini mousse with basil and multicolor risotto lightly seasoned with saffron


Braised sweetbreads and lobster Concerto €52
Emulsion of lobster and veal jus with fresh tarragon accompanied by caramelized leeks whistle
Sliced roasted Chalosse duck
with braised Canary Island bananas
Ravioli stuffed with pumpkins and wild sautéed mushrooms garniture
Sliced roasted haunch of venison,
game sauce enriched with redcurrant jelly
With fresh home made noodles melted with foie gras butter sauce and boletus

Cheeses, Desserts and Gourmandizes


Bel paese € 12 -19
“Piccola Selezione” of cheeses from the Italian Peninsula with walnuts, hazelnuts, and grapes
Alps € 15 - 21
Flowers of "Tête de Moine" in acacia honey with chopped Cohiba tobacco leaves, perfumed with white truffle oil
Ile de France € 18 - 29
House-refined Brillat-Savarin stuffed with black truffles, served with a chêne salad and shaved black truffles

Desserts & Gourmandizes

Antactic € 13
Selection of house specialty ice creams and sorbets, made by our chefs daily
New Zeland € 19
Classic Golden apple tart, served with house-made vanilla ice cream
Piedmont € 19
Warm roasted hazelnut soufflé with Frangelico sabayon
Varèse - Milan € 16
Mascarpone tiramisu a l’Amaretto di Saronno
Africa € 18
Black chocolate truffle in a spun sugar nest, served with fresh raspberry sauce
Brazil - Belgium € 17
Fresh fruits in maracuja sauce enrobed in a sunflower meringue, with coconut ice cream
Champagne € 19
Sabayon of "champagne rosé" and macaroons with raspberries
Hawaii € 19
Sesame roasted pineapple, spiced elixir of citrus fruits sauce, Tonka ice cream
Caribbean € 18
"Moelleux au chocolat", with black chocolate and red pepper, foam of pistachios
Catalogna - Marrakek € 18
Crème brûlée perfumed with ginger and orange
The pastry chefs daily gourmandize € 15
Soup / Lemon / Garlic

Weekly Menu

From Monday to Friday, lunch & dinner,
not available for Vanlentine’s Day

50,00 Euros

Week from 19 till 24 March
Week from 26 till 31 March

Star Bongo Menu

From Monday to Friday, lunch & dinner,
not available for Vanlentine’s Day

Winter 2018